Registration FAQs

How do I register my child for Camp?

Parents can register their child for camp via our online registration process. Please ensure to fill out all of the information carefully and go through the entirety of the process and click the submit button.

When do I register for Camp?

Registration for all sessions for the upcoming summer opens towards the end of First Session (mid – end of July).

We immediately enroll returning campers from the date that registration opens until November 30 each year. New families who register during this time are added to the appropriate gender, grade, session combination waitlist and are then contacted in early December with the status of their enrollment.

Is there a waitlist for Camp? How does it work?

When camp fills, separate waitlists are maintained for each gender, grade and session combination. All of the waitlists move at different speeds and, unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee how quickly things will move.

For more information about the Waitlist, please visit the detailed Waitlist FAQ page and download Pigeon Wing Waitlist Article PDF that is included below.

To continue to hold your space on the waitlist for the next summer, ensure that you submit a new registration form each year, as outlined above, and your deposit will automatically be rolled over.

If you have questions about your child and their place on the waitlist, please contact the Office to find out the specific information relevant to your situation.


Can I sign up for the waitlist for multiple sessions?

Yes, this is possible. To do so, complete the registration form as outlined above and respond to the automatic email generated by our registration software to indicate which Sessions you would like to be included on the waitlist for.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a deposit is required to register your child for Camp. This deposit is fully refundable while you are on the waitlist and the amount can be rolled over each year to keep your place and date on the waitlist. Once you are enrolled and off the waitlist, this deposit is applied towards Camp tuition.

Click here to view detailed information about the deposits required for each session.

How do I pay my deposit?

While completing the online registration form, as outlined above, you will be asked for the method by which you would like to pay both your deposit and tuition. Credit card, check and bank wire transfer are among the options available to you.

All payments are processed manually by our Finance Director, so you may notice a short delay between the registration submission and the funds being deducted from your account.

Click here to view detailed information about the methods of payment.

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes, families are able to apply for Financial Aid and can select this option during the registration process. If you indicate your interest in Financial Aid, we will reach out to you with further information about the Financial Aid application process.

The deadline for submission of the Financial Aid application and subsequent documents is February 1 each year and families are notified of the result by April.

Visit our Financial Aid page to view detailed information about Financial Aid and how to apply.