Cabin Life

One of the best parts about being a camper at Four Winds is having the opportunity to be close to and live in an amazingly beautiful natural setting!

Female campers live in simple rustic cabins or in canvas wall tents up on wooden platforms on Girls Side. Male campers live in canvas wall tents on Boys Side. In both the cabins and tents, campers sleep in bunk beds with comfortable mattresses. Campers are responsible for bringing their own bedding, including fitted sheets and comforters. International campers have their bedding provided by Camp. Each camper is provided with a “sea chest” (a large wooden rectangular container stored under the bunk beds) in which to store their belongings.

All campers work towards keeping their living spaces tidy and safe, with Cabin Clean Up and cabin inspections every day except Sundays. The cabin and tent with the highest scores from Cabin Clean Up receive a prize at the end of the session!

Campers play music outside of canvas tent
Counselor gathers campers with sign on Arrival Day

Typically, each cabin is comprised of between four and six campers of the same gender and grade and either one or two counselors. Each cabin and tent has a unique name and campers often remember their previous tent and cabin names for years to come.

There is no electricity inside the cabins or the tents, however, each cabin or tent is close in proximity to a shower house that does have electricity and includes sinks, toilets, and private shower stalls.

Laundry is taken out once per week and washed at a local laundromat on Orcas Island. A schedule designates which day campers put their laundry out for washing and it is returned clean 24 hours later.

Campers form line into canvas tent on Gypsy Day