Health & Safety

Of course families are concerned with physical safety while their kids are at Camp, and we are too. We’re proud of our safety record, and love to talk to parents about our approach to mitigating risk.

Since we’re talking about risk, it should be noted that risk can’t be eliminated from life, and it can’t be eliminated from Four Winds, either. We believe, and are meticulous about, examining our risks and making sure they’re managed.

Girl on horseback hugs horse's neck
Camper at front of dodgeball group gives directions

When it comes to physical health and safety, our first line of defense is prevention. We ask families for extensive health histories, and we require a physician’s exam within a year of attending camp for all campers. In Camp, we practice good safety habits like wearing proper footwear for the activity and safety equipment where required.

When campers do get hurt or sick, all of our staff are First Aid trained, and we have a Registered Nurse on staff who lives on the property all summer in our Health House. We have a relationship with the local clinic in Eastsound, approximately 25 minutes from Camp. Since we are on an island, it’s also worth mentioning that there is a helicopter ambulance service that works with our local Fire and Rescue department that can be summoned if life or limb is threatened.