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Songs from Orcas Island

EST. 1927

A culture that spans generations

Four Winds is a haven for young people to unplug from technology and embrace camp traditions. Music, poetry, vintage uniforms, and a focus on inner growth make Four Winds truly unique. Gather for a story at our evening fire and experience the warmth of our community.

On the road to high adventure


Cross the waters
shining blue

Our hundred-acre property of woods, fields, and waterfront is just two hours north of Seattle on Orcas Island, among the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington State. Set sail on our 61’ yawl, Carlyn, and experience this ideal setting for forming an appreciation and respect for nature.

Boy kayaks at summer camp
Campers form a line holding hands
At last we’ve found the treasure


A camp owned by its

Unlike most similar camps, Four Winds * Westward Ho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. That allows us to make decisions based on our mission and what our community supports. On the ground, that’s led to things like our big boat program, maintaining the aesthetic of our property, and perhaps most
importantly, our Financial Aid Program. We reserve 20% of our camper spots for families that need financial aid because we value inclusion and diversity. With your help, we can continue these beloved traditions.


Stories from families

Smiling camper gives thumbs up
Campers play ukulele on camp steps
Campers hold candles in evening circle
Smiling camper puts on flower crown
Excited camper wears Independence Day pigtails
"Camp just gives me a boundless energy of joy, and I feel every time I’m there I’m free."
- Josh, camper
"My experience at camp was far beyond my expectations. When I got onto the boat to Four Winds people were already talking to me and making friends."
- Zoe, camper
“Four Winds is a hidden gem. With no electronics and minimal modern appliances, the camp is set up to focus on friendship, exploring new adventures, and connecting authentically with your community and environment. The camp is still rooted with its old traditions yet is always morphing and growing with each summer of campers.”
- Erika, camper
"Four Winds is not only just a typical summer camp to me. It is something that is life changing. It teaches you certain life lessons that no other place can."
- Chris, camper
"My son displayed a greater comfort of who he is and that he has a lot to offer to the world. Four Winds is so good for his soul!"
- Susan, parent
"Every summer, she comes home SUPER happy, she absolutely cannot get enough of FWWH! She becomes more independent and self-confident, and loves being with like-minded friends who care so much for each other."
- Cecelia, parent

Greetings from Hilltop

Set Sail With Us!