A Day in the Life

Time Activity Description
7:15 am Wake-up The camp's bell at the lodge rings to start the day, and can be heard throughout camp. Campers have 30 minutes to get up and arrive at Flags.
7:45 am Flags We all gather in a large circle on Greenie Hill. One cabin group will lead us in wake-up songs. Right before breakfast we sing "The Flags of the Four Winds" and raise the flags. There is a flag for every country represented by campers and staff, along with the United Nations flag.
8:00 am Breakfast At each meal we stand at our table and sing a grace song before eating. Campers sit at a table with their counselor and cabin or tent group, and food is served family-style. Food gets rave reviews as we try to go a step beyond typical camp fare!
8:30 am Songs and Announcements We all gather on the steps of the lodge. A cabin or tent group leads us in songs. Staff make announcements including daily skits about the day's options for Fourth Period activities, information about trips, etc.
9:00 am It's Cabin Cleanup time! All campers go back to their cabins and tents to clean up, make beds, and get ready for the day. There is a cabin inspection daily and a food prize reward for the cleanest cabin and tent at the end of the Session.
9:45 am 1st Activity Period Campers will have an activity either at the dock, craft courts, sports field, barn or garden. Campers take three classes on M, W and F and another three on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Campers pre-register for three classes prior to arrival at camp, then choose another three after information sessions about classes on the first day of camp.
11:15 am 2nd Activity Period Campers visit their second activity of the day.
1:00 pm Lunch — More good food! Cabin groups help set tables or help clean up afterwards. Although one main course is always served, campers and staff may also go to the salad bar. Vegetarian options are available at all meals as well. We also accommodate allergies and most special diet considerations.
1:30 pm Rest period This is a time for each cabin to spend quiet time writing letters, taking a nap, or playing quiet games in the cabin. Some groups may also choose to go on a short hike, take a swim, or spend time with another cabin or tent group.
2:45 pm 3rd Activity Period Campers once again rotate to their third activity of the day.
4:15 pm 4th Period This period is open to campers to go to whatever activity they choose that day. Even if they're not signed up for a particular class, they can go during 4th period and learn to sail, ride a horse, or participate in that activity area. It's a great way to try something new!
5:45 pm Flags Evening announcements, usually about the evening activity, are given. We end our evening flags ceremony by singing "The Golden Day is Dying" song and gently lowering the flags.
6:00 pm Dinner As always, a scrumptious and plentiful affair. As with all meals there is a vegetarian option. Dessert is always an exciting event at dinner! Campers help clear their own tables when finished.
7:15 pm Evening Activity They vary each night from the mellow (Moonraker performance night with songs and skits) to the active (Capture the Chicken with 80 acres of territory). Each night is well planned and good spirited. Even normally competitive games are played with a spirit of fun and adventure.
8:30 pm Gather for evening songs After evening activity, we'll sit and sing the mellower songs, including many that have been sung since Camp was founded to help us wind down before heading off to bed.
8:45 pm Junior camper goodnight song The youngest 'junior' campers head off to bed for the night. (Junior campers are generally 9-10 years old, intermediates 11-13, and seniors 14+).
9:00 pm Off to bed The rest of camp sings the goodnight song, followed by Intermediate camper bedtime, and occasionally a half-hour senior camper hangout.

NOTE: This is the Second Session schedule; we do everything an hour later during First Session due to shifts in daylight hours.