Food & Nutrition

We believe, and teach our staff, that no magic is possible at Camp if we’re not taking care of our basic needs. Rest, health, hydration, physical and emotional safety are big parts of that, but perhaps no area is more important than food.

The Lodge is the beating heart of Camp. Everyone in Camp meets there three times a day in the summer for meals on our outdoor deck. At each meal we stand at our table and sing a (secular) grace song before eating. Campers sit at a table with their counselor and cabin or tent group, and food is served family-style. Food gets rave reviews as we try to go a step beyond typical camp fare.

Campers sit in the grass to decorate cupcakes
Table set with hamburger ingredients

Cabin groups help set tables or help clean up afterwards. Although one main course is always served, campers and staff may also go to the salad bar or make a sandwich as options. Vegetarian options are available at all meals as well.

In addition to accommodating vegetarians, we are able to accommodate special diets that are medical in nature. We find it works best to talk through each camper’s needs and the realities of the camp environment, so please call us.