Waitlist FAQs

How will I know if a space opens for my child?

When a vacancy occurs which allows us to offer you a space, we will initially contact you via email. If we suspect a communication issue with email, we will follow-up by phone. You will be given a few days to make your decision as to whether to accept or decline the offered space before assigning or releasing the space to another child.

When will a space open?

Unfortunately, we are not able to even guess at when the opportunity will present itself to offer you a space. Currently enrolled campers can withdraw for any number of reasons at any time. Most who have to cancel will do so as soon as it is determined to be necessary (to ensure they get the maximum amount of their payments back). Our policy of stepped increases in cancellation fees often results in some time frames where we may see elevated levels of withdrawals:

  • near the end of January (cancellation fee rises to equal half the tuition)
  • near the end of March (cancellation fee rises to equal full tuition)

What are my options while on the waitlist?

We hope that you are willing and able to continue waiting for a space to open for our upcoming summer. You do not have to notify us to stay on the list; we will just proceed with the same effective waitlist date shared with you previously. If a space becomes available we will contact you via email (and phone, if necessary). You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the space when it is offered.

If you determine that you need do need to withdraw from consideration for the upcoming summer, simply send an email to info@fourwindscamp.org and be sure to indicate your preference for handling your deposit. Families on the waitlist are entitled to a full refund at any time prior to enrollment, but many will elect to keep their deposit on file with us to roll over to a future registration. Keeping the deposit on file with us provides you the advantage of retaining your effective waitlist date for future attempts at enrollment. Since we bring new children in from the waitlist in chronological order of effective waitlist date, this serves to your benefit.

What is my child’s placement on the waitlist?

We can provide you with information regarding your child(ren)’s placement on waitlist, but we also caution you to not place too much stock in the actual number figure. We’ve seen long waitlists completely evaporate (with no takers for an open space) and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, had children in the position of being “first on the waitlist” for multiple seasons. A huge number of factors go into the enrollment process, so any forecasts we can make are little more than guesses.