Financial Aid

Comments from a few of our financial aid recipients…

“…I would like to thank you for providing me with the experience of a lifetime! I had more fun last summer than I have ever had in my entire life! I learned what it was like to be on my own, in new surroundings, having to find my own niche in the big picture.”

“Camp changed me so much in a lot of ways all for the better.”

“We sang at camp. At the last evening fire I sang a song all by myself… I wasn’t scared.”

Since 1968, Four Winds * Westward Ho has offered financial aid to allow any child who wishes to come to camp the opportunity to do so. Each summer, approximately twenty percent of our campers attend on full or partial tuition grants. Regarding our partial grants, we strongly encourage middle income families to apply. We recognize that it may seem strange for middle income families to ask for financial help for an activity that many consider to be a luxury. Nonetheless, we recognize that there are many families that can afford some, but not all of our tuition. We strive to have a community in the summer that is diverse as possible, and we want those families to be represented.

Each applicant is carefully reviewed to assure that our funds are shared in a way which will benefit each child, and camp, the most. Campers who qualify receive three years of financial aid, provided their family’s financial situation doesn’t improve to the point where they are no longer eligible.

The Four Winds * Westward Ho Board of Trustees has determined that a substantial portion of the aid be given to children of parents working in the helping professions and to children of camp alumni. We are particularly anxious to meet the needs of these families who are able to pay a portion of, but not the full, tuition amount.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

In addition to our online camp registration form, financial aid applicants will need to complete a separate application packet and provide other materials for consideration. You may obtain the materials from this site or contact the office to have a packet sent to your mailing address.

The Financial Aid Information Guide is an excellent resource for learning more about our program and how to apply. As the guide document indicates, all applicants will be required to submit the following materials no later than February 15:

Please note that we require three references for new applicants, one of which must be from a current teacher. For returning applicants, we require one reference, preferably from the child’s current teacher.

If you would like additional information on our financial aid program, please call the office at (360) 376-2277. We will answer your questions and help you get started with the necessary applications. All forms are due February 1, and we will advise all applicants as to their financial aid by the end of March.

Support our Financial Aid Program

Our financial aid program would not be possible without generous donations, both large and small. Currently, we are working to build our endowment to fully fund all tuition grants awarded each summer. Donating to this worthy cause is easy – simply click on the donate now button below.