Leadership Training Program FAQs

How long does a CT or Helping Hand spend at Camp if they are accepted into the program?

Applicants are accepted into one session, either First Session or Second Session, and spend only that session at Camp. View the session dates here for the upcoming summer.

Is Financial Aid available for CT candidates?

Yes, Financial Aid is available for families to apply for if their child is accepted into the CT program for the upcoming summer. Tuition for the CT program is half of the regular camp tuition. View the Financial Aid application here.

My child has been accepted into the Leadership Training Program, what happens next?

Congratulations! Mariah, our Camp Registrar, will reach out to the parents of the accepted candidate through Camp In Touch with forms and documents to complete in the same way as would happen with an enrolled camper. Danielle, our Assistant Director, will reach out to the accepted candidate with contracts and documents for the candidate to complete and return via email.

When and how does my child travel to camp if they are accepted into the Leadership Training Program?

CTs and Helping Hands arrive and depart from camp on the same day as the campers. They also have the same travel options as campers. Click here to view the session dates for the upcoming summer. View the transport options available for campers, CTs and Helping Hands.