In a time when a child’s life often seems as though it’s on fast forward, Four Winds offers a slower pace. In a time when online interactions begin to overshadow real life conversation, Four Winds offers children the chance to engage with themselves and their community free from the distractions of technology. In a time when our world seems to be changing and growing more rapidly than ever before, Four Winds offers refuge, and the reassurance that some things do remain the same.

Smaller cabin and tent living arrangements of four to seven campers and one or two experienced and caring counselors allow for close bonds to develop and evolve. Our days are filled with a wide range of classic camp activities for all ages and both genders, as well as special days and events that reflect the unique spirit and tradition of Four Winds. Whenever possible, we invite campers to share what they know and learn with the community, providing them with a warm and encouraging audience. Our leadership training program exists for young people ages 16-18 who would like to develop and hone skills in leadership, counseling, and instruction.

We are accredited by the American Camp Association. ACA Accreditation involves a peer review of over 200 standards affecting all manner of safety and wellness issues involved in running a summer camp. We maintain ACA Accreditation as part of our commitment to running one of the finest independent camps in the country.

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Our Mission

Four Winds Westward Ho: