Planned Gifts

The Ruth A. Brown Legacy Club includes donors who are remembering FWWH in their estate planning. One of the best ways to contribute to the long-term future of camp is through planned giving. By adding Four Winds to your will, you can make a donation that not only helps us, but also helps you with estate taxes and inheritance taxes. By making a bequest to camp, you can give to camp for years in the future without impacting your cash flow today. These types of gifts benefit your family and our mission all at the same time, and they are easy to set up.

The argument for joining the Ruth A. Brown Legacy Club is clear. First, you need a will. It’s an act of love for your family. Second, when it comes time to make that will, many of us are drawn to supporting charitable causes. Third, if, like many Four Winds alums, your experience at Camp has influenced your life in immeasurable, positive ways, then we’d like to propose that Four Winds that helping to cement that legacy for future generations is a cause the deserves to be on your list of philanthropic priorities. Fourth, it’s easier than you may think. Many people think that they’re not not the types of people that join philanthropic legacy clubs. The list you’ll see below includes people at all stages of life, and all levels of means. This giving opportunity is for everyone. Lastly, doing it now, and doing it publicly, has value. It makes it a norm in our community, and encourages others to do the same.

If you’d like more information about the Ruth A Brown Legacy Club, email our Development Director, Mike Smith, at If you’re ready to join, please fill out the form below and then send it along to Mike. Thank you!

The current members of the Ruth A. Brown Legacy Club are:

4 Anonymous Donors Charles & Alberta Lamson
Catherine Adams David & Akemi Louchheim
Marilyn J. Anderson David Lowy
Dave & Mary Beth Baker Joanne "Charlie" MacPherson
Jackson Payne Ballard Megan McCaslin
Nate Benjamin Karin McKinnell
Ella Brittingham George & Marion Mohler
Henri Broekmate Sarah Baker Morgan
Sue Clauson & Jim Koskinen Nicole & Matthew Murray
Bruce & Marty Coffey Melissa Palmer & Michael Marshall
Sam & Cynthia Coleman Don Priday
Valerie & Scott Corvin Sue Metcalf Robertson
Eleanor "ElBell" Crebs Thomas Russell
Elizabeth Crispin Dr. Kris Saldine
Barbara W. Demere Paul & Linda Sheridan
John DesCamp Carlyn Kaiser Stark
Eleanor Dootson Jeff & Samantha Stewart
Mike & Sharon Douglas W.P. Stewart
Margaret E. Enderlein Pieter Van Zandt
Ryan Glant, Alison Bettles & family Katie & Jess Weinstein
Emily Glass & Gerry Santillan Diana Wiegel
Arden & Brad Hofler John Wineman
Wendy Gilbaugh Kelley & Steve Kelley