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Wish List

Our donors have generously funded all the items on our 2019 wish list. If you would like to help this year, we can always use help with an unrestricted or Financial Aid donation. And, watch this space; We will post the 2020 wish list here in November 2019. Thank you!

These are the items that our donors funded from the wish list in 2019:

Converting Historical FWWH film to digital.
Jib for Carlyn.
Propeller for the Squirrel.
Camp stoves for trips.
Custom frames with U/V protective glass for Ernest Norling prints.
Padded covers for the soccer goals.
Jib for Rebel. A roller-furling jib would be great for this sailboat!
Camping sleep pads for trips.
Camper Ties. (90 new ties.)
Staff ties. (60 new ties.)
Piano cover for the baby grand piano.
Bending poles for the riding arena.
Riding helmets for the horse program. (We need five at $50 each.)
Pottery glaze.
Canvas to cover the pottery table.
Dodgeballs. Rhino skin brand.
Water color paper. (Eight booklets of paper.)
Half court soccer goals.
Soccer nets.
Piano bench for the baby grand piano.