To get to Orcas Island, you’ve only got two options, boat or plane. Most people come to Orcas by the Washington State Ferry, a car ferry which comes from Anacortes on the mainland. The ferry takes between 50 and 75 minutes to get from Anacortes to Orcas, depending on whether your ferry stops at Lopez Island, Shaw Island, both, or neither. Reservations are highly recommended if you’re looking to drive on, and can be made at the WSF website.

To get from the Orcas ferry landing to Four Winds, take a left onto Orcas Road as you drive off the ferry, drive 2.5 miles, take a left onto Deer Harbor Road. After 5.8 miles on Deer Harbor Road, having driven through the villages of Westsound and Deer Harbor, Deer Harbor Road will take a sharp right. There, take a slight left onto Four Winds Rd. At this point, our pasture will be on your left. Drive a hundred yards or so, and Four Winds Road will fork into two driveways. Ours is the one on the left. The first building you’ll see is our office. Stop by and check in!

Flying to the island can be a great change of pace. Kenmore Air offers regular service from Seattle on both wheeled and seaplanes. San Juan Airlines offers wheeled plane service from Bellingham and Anacortes.

For camper travel information on the first and last days of camp, please refer to the Handbook & Resources and Enrolled Families FAQ pages on this site.