Update from the Carlyn

What a great voyage so far.  Carlyn has been voyaging for 10 days now.  We are currently on our way from Jervis Islet to Texada Island.  The first three nights of the camp session were spent at Four Winds. Our activities at camp included, Laser sailing, kayaking, potato and fruit picking, training aboard Carlyn and taking many Covid tests.  From the beginning of our time together our crew has been overwhelmed by the great attitude and positive energy of this group of 10 trainees. On the 26th we departed camp, but customs was a little more complicated this year.  Our first challenge was to navigate the new Arrive Can app for uploading everyone’s vaccine info, followed by our check out of USA and check in to Canada.  It took a bit longer than in the past, so we only made it to Bedwell Harbor, the CA customs port on our second night away from camp.

Our next stops were Montague Harbour in the Gulf Islands followed by the town of Nanaimo.   These were the especially hot days.  We were fortunate to be boating and swam a lot.  The waters in the Gulf Islands were especially warm this year with spots up to 74 degrees.  The name Naniamo undoubtedly comes from a local language, but Lilly enjoyed pronouncing it with an Italian tinge, na-na-ee-mo.  This was the source of many jokes that went on for the rest of the week.  In Nanaimo we provisioned for the coming week.  With some free time we enjoyed the DollarRama store, where we could get inexpensive Canada shirts hats, etc.  All the girls got a fun shirt with an image of a bear, wolf, beaver and moose taking a selfie with a selfie stick and the caption Canada Vibes, $6 ca.

Next began our excursion into Jervis Islet and Princess Louisa Marine Park.   We spent four nights in the region.  Everyone did great on the 4-hour hike.  We did lots of swimming near the amazing waterfalls.   We made an effort to carry on camp traditions as well.  On our second night at Princess Louisa, we did an Evening Fire-Mookraker-TnT-cookout evening around the fire circle on shore.  There were some great songs and skits that came together just like at camp.   AJ took the lead hosting the evening and readying many boons that had been collecting in the boon bag.  We had great sailing both north and south through Jervis Inlet and the trainees are building their sailing skills.

By August 4th we arrived at Texada Island to rendezvous with the theatre ship Amara Zee.  Captain Paul was a Four Winds Camper many years ago. This is the last summer they plan to tour with the Theatre Ship before their retirement, so it was a last chance to see this unique company and crew in its current form.  We got a tour of Amara Zee on deck and below.  After dark, we joined a couple hundred islanders to view the performance from shore.  The theme of the show, titled “Virtual Rogues”, was virtual vs. natural.  The plot followed various organic creatures: trees, birds, bee,s and humans struggling against virtual entities and concluded with a great unplugging.  There was lots of singing and dancing, a spectacle of the avant-garde.  Some of us followed the plots while others let the music wash over us and relaxed.

And that brings us to our current location, Powell River, where we have now provisioned for our coming week exploring Desolation Sound.  Captain David and the crew are so pleased with how this group is working together aboard Carlyn and are looking forward to sailing with every person on this crew for the second half of our voyage.