Thank you, Second Session!

Greetings from Seatac Airport. All is well on a very smooth travel day. All campers set to be picked up by their parents are with their parents. All kids flying are either already in the air or behind security waiting for their flights, and as of 4 PM, all flights look to be on time. We love a smooth travel day.

More than that, we love a great session, and Second Session was certainly one. These campers were just fantastic. Last night at Evening Fire, I was struck by the love expressed in the boons read in between acts. These campers and staff had a profound effect on each other. That’s how it should be. Four weeks of face to face communication with no digital filter, in a community where we accept each other for who we are and value being a good friend more than status or image, is both a profound salve for this modern world and great practice for these kids. It was a pleasure to see.

As your campers re-enter the real world (as we refer to it in camp), you may see a variety of reactions. Some will immediately regale you with songs and stories. Some will want to spend an inordinate amount of devices, either communicating with camp friends or simply drinking from the digital firehose after a month away. Some may just want to sleep. All those reactions, and a host of others, are normal and expected. They’ve just had a big experience, and shifting to the next phase often takes a decompression period. Never fear, your camper will adjust, perhaps standing just a little bit taller, edified by their experience.

Thanks to all the families that made this session possible. We know it’s a sacrifice to part with your children for four weeks. None of this would be possible without that sacrifice, and we never take it for granted. Thank you. We’re off for some cleaning and celebration with the staff, and a short break before Junior Session begins on Monday.