Report from the Carlyn Trip

We’ll have a camp-wide blog post on Tuesday once the campers are on their way home. Until then, here’s a report from the 9 campers and 4 staff who went on our first ever US-only three-week trip:

It’s been 3 weeks that Carlyn was out voyaging, this time not to Canada but in our neighboring US waters.

A few things that happened during the trip. We………

Circled the San Juan Islands

Crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Sailed to Olympia at the southern end of Puget Sound

Traveled about 410 miles

Climbed Mount Storm King, 2000 foot climb

Hiked at Hurricane Ridge

Hiked to the lighthouse at Stuart Island

Sang Shanties

Saw Orcas near Port Angeles

Played much Mafia

Became temporarily tattooed

Cooked out on Sucia and James Islands

Cut Captain David’s hair from the boomkin

Twice heard marine mammals at night, probably dolphins or orcas

Did anchor watch many times

Saw the Martha in Port Townsend

Swam in 70 degree water at Quartermaster Harbor, 55 degree water at Sucia, and many temps in between throughout the Sound

Visited 10 islands

Sailed in fog

Watched a movie on the mainsail

Carved a jack-o-melon

Made Turksheads and a ton of friendship bracelets

Made custom painted T-shirts

Swam in the fresh waters of Lake Crescent

Rowed to shore many times

Sang hits on a party bus

Saw a fox on San Juan Island

Seen jellies, otters and porpoises in the water

Had a raccoon come aboard during the night

Learned to tie about 17 knots

Sailed under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge twice

Folk danced in an apple orchard

Sailed at night near Olympia

Played a word game called “Boatman’s Bluff”

Sailed on and off the anchor

Raised and lowered all the sails correctly without the adults help

Bought hats in Port Townsend and bought books in Olympia

Played Bigger and Better

Have a mini baby shower at sea

Visited Friday Harbor

Sail overnight 100 miles back to camp