A blog post from the Carlyn Crew

We got an update from the crew aboard Carlyn. It sounds like they’re having a great time. Read on below:

Right now, we are in Powell River, Canada, which, as you can imagine, is a long ways away from Four Winds. In order to prepare for sailing every day, the trainees have learned how to raise the sails, tie basic knots, plot our courses, use navigation skills, and even steer the boat at the helm. On our first leg of the trip, we crossed the border into Canada and have since been exploring all the beauty it has to offer. One of the popular places we visited was Princess Louisa, which had towering mountains and waterfalls nearly everywhere we looked. Though the 4 hour hike we did there was long and strenuous, it was well worth it because we got to see a gorgeous waterfall up close! Besides hiking, we have gone swimming, seen pods of orcas, families of seals, and other ocean life. Over the past week of living together, we have gotten a lot closer with each other and laughed and bonded over the things we have done and the shenanigans that have ensued on the boat. We can’t wait for more adventures in the following weeks of our journey!

Sincerely, Rose and Colin