Out-of-Camp Trips

When Ruth Brown founded Four Winds, she wanted to instill in campers a sense of “adventure and delight.” Our out of camp trip program may be the best expression of that spirit. At Camp, we believe that children (actually, all people) grow when they challenge themselves, when they learn to be a part of a team, and when they take risks in safe, supportive setting. This is the trip program at its core. When campers leave on a trip, they’re often a bit nervous. When they come back, they have big smiles, they’re proud of themselves, they have inside jokes and songs.

Group of campers canoes on out-of-camp trip
Campers hike down snowy mountain on trip

Most of our trips leave directly from our waterfront. Campers sail, canoe, and kayak around the gorgeous San Juan Islands, exploring the sandy beaches of Indian Cove, the sandstone outcroppings of Sucia Island, and the stunning edifice of Waldron Island, among many another magical places. We also do several land based trips, from overnights to Moran State Park and horse packing trips on our own property to a fantastic extended backpacking trip to Olympic National Park.

Our youngest campers go on one-night trips. Older intermediate campers go on a two-night trip. Our longest trips are reserved for our oldest campers, those going into ninth and tenth grade – these campers all go on a six day trip during the third week of the session.

We’re very proud to say that every camper that attends the four week session goes out on a trip!