Head of Maintenance Search

Four Winds * Westward Ho Camp is looking for an extraordinary applicant to fill our Head of Maintenance position.  The Head of Maintenance is responsible for all aspects of maintaining our property, which includes 160 acres of forest, meadow, and shoreline, winterized buildings, rustic cabins, tent platforms (and the tents that go on them in the summer), docks, a barn, a fleet of small boats, a garden, trails, water, septic, and electrical systems (and, probably, a few other things we haven’t listed here).

The Head of Maintenance must bring experience and skill in:

  • Project and budget management – This person will be expected to manage annual budgets of approximately $160,000 a year and capital projects budgets that will range from $250,000-$500,000 a year depending on Camp’s needs.  The person will need to be able to manage multiple contractors, and give guidance as to how Camp can get the best value for the money invested in its facilities.
  • Facilities planning – We’re looking for someone who can help us guide our facility maintenance program, and optimize it for Camp’s benefit.
  • Craftsmanship and Aesthetics – The Four Winds community cares very deeply about how the Camp looks. The ideal candidate will bring an eye for detail in this regard, skill in executing projects beautifully, and a willingness to learn the nuance of the Four Winds aesthetic.
  • People management – The Head of Maintenance directly supervises three other year round employees – a general Maintenance Assistant, a Groundskeeper/Gardner, and a Shipwright.  We’re looking for someone who’s going to be a great boss for those people.  We’re also looking for someone who will interact well with the rest of our 10 year round staff, our 100+ summer staff, and our 170 campers each session in the summer.  We need someone who wants to solve other people’s problems, because things break at summer camp, and you’ll be the person people go to when they do.  The Head of Maintenance will also need to be able to interact productively with our Board of Directors and the Camp Director.
  • Interaction with children – Our reason for being is to create an extraordinary experience for children, so all of our employees, including the Head of Maintenance, need to be dedicated to that cause, and need to be extraordinary role models.
  • Areas of Expertise – We understand that no one can be completely expert in all of these areas, but we’re looking for as much knowledge as possible in the following areas: carpentry, septic and water systems, electrical, grounds keeping, mechanical, boats and docks, horses.
  • Essential Functions – We have a large, rustic property, and this is a physical job. We’re looking for someone who can lift up to 70 lbs, walk up to 5 miles a day over rough terrain, climb ladders, crawl in small spaces, and operate all manner of tools and machinery safely.  The candidate must be at least 21 years old (a requirement to drive camp-owned vehicles) and be approved as a driver by our insurance company.
  • The Head of Maintenance will be required to live on our property, and a beautiful two-bedroom house, overlooking our garden and pasture, is provided as part of the compensation package. Electric, water, sewer, and trash utilities are also covered. Family members of the Head are welcome to live on the property as well, and will also be subject to our summer camp community standards.

Our current Head of Maintenance is still working for us, and will be leaving in May 2020.  The ideal start date is in March 2020, though we are somewhat flexible on that point. We are most concerned with finding the right candidate for this important job.

Compensation for this position includes a salary between $50,000-$65,000 annually depending on experience, housing and utilities mentioned above at no cost, health coverage, paid holidays, vacation and personal/sick time, SIMPLE-IRA retirement plan with 3% match, and meals during the summer season.

Please send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references to Paul Sheridan, Camp Director, at paul@fourwindscamp.org. Paul will be unavailable for December 2019, but please email application materials by December 31. Phone interviews will begin in January 2020, followed by in person interviews for advancing candidates.

Four Winds is an Equal Opportunity Employer – all are encouraged to apply.  Nothing in this posting constitutes a guarantee or promise of employment. No offer for this position will be considered final until the candidate passes a criminal background check