Attend a Slideshow

Every January and February, our Director and Assistant Director travel the country for Four Winds slideshows, hosted in camp families’ homes. Slideshows are an opportunity for returning families, new and prospective families, staff, and alumni to get together with Paul and Danielle, talk and learn about Camp, watch a slideshow of photos and music from the previous summer, and ask questions. It’s a lovely way to bit a Four Winds in the winter.

We always have slideshows in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, Southern California, on Orcas Island, and we’ll have them in a few other cities as well.

We’ll post the slideshow schedule here in December each year. If you’d like to receive an invitation for a show once they’re scheduled, please email our registrar, Mariah Armenia, at

If you’re a Four Winds family interested in hosting a slideshow, please email our Assistant Director, Danielle Bone, at