Visiting Camp

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Welcome to Four Winds * Westward Ho! Ours is a community of campers, parents, alumni, staff and families that spans generations. Every one of you is vital to our collective history and our continuation as a summer camp for young people. We encourage you to come and visit, and ask that you help us by following these guidelines (Note that the guidelines are somewhat different depending on whether you're hoping to visit a particular camper, or just see the camp. If you're in the former group, please scroll down.):

Guidelines for Visiting Parents, Relatives or Friends of Campers

Please note that:

Visiting can be a wonderful way to get a taste of what your child is experiencing at camp. It is also a great way for your child to show-off their "other home" to you. However, as a cautionary note, it can also cause some problems for children who are struggling with homesickness. We encourage you to call us if you suspect your child may suffer from homesickness, because a visit just when they are getting their 'sea legs' can upset them for the rest of the session. Also, too many visits can disrupt their growing independence and camp experience. We have found, if children who are homesick get through that first summer successfully, camp can be life changing.

Guidelines for General Camp Visitors (Those not visiting a particular camper)