Staff FAQ

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How old do you have to be to work at camp?

To apply to work at camp, you must be at least 18 years old (21 for certain specialist positions) and have a year of college, or equivalent, under your belt. You must have experience working with children, and you must hold current CPR/First Aid certification by the time you arrive at camp. For those high school students who aren’t yet 18, you may apply for a position in our Leadership Training program as a CT or Helping Hand and stay at camp for just one session. If you are 18, but just graduating from high school, then you may apply to work as an Assistant Counselor. See “positions” tab for more details.

When can I send in my application?

Returning staff are invited to apply after November 15th of each year. After January 1st, new applicants are considered for the remaining positions. If you are new to staff, you need to submit three letters of recommendation before your application is considered complete. If, after your three letters arrive, the position is still available, and you meet the requirements for the job, you will be contacted for an interview. Applying to work at Four Winds is a competitive process, and we feel very lucky to be in a position to select only the most qualified and experienced folks to work with us each year.

Is there an application deadline for Staff positions?

Not really. We hire until we are full. This sometimes happens in January, and sometimes as late as May, depending on the positions we’re filling.

Can I arrive late to Staff Training?

Generally speaking, no. We have an extensive program during staff training which covers important issues relating child development, camp policies, camp traditions, team building activities, curriculum planning, and general preparations for the summer. We feel that it is important for the community, and the welfare of our campers, that each staff member attends the training in its entirety. If you are unable to attend any part of staff training, it is possible that your application will not be reviewed.

How many kids will I have in my cabin, if I’m a counselor?

Usually, that number ranges from 4-6. You may also have an Assistant Counselor working with you, or a co-counselor.

Can I use my cell phone at camp?

At camp we believe in a slower pace. Our campers spend their summers “unplugged”, and we as a staff are mindful of this. We do not use cell phones, computers, or electronic music players around the campers at all, and in fact it is considered a serious breach of camp policy to do so. It’s not that we think technology is bad, rather that we value so deeply the opportunity for kids to take a break from that high-speed way of life. Staff are asked to use their cell phones in two indoor locations, the Helm and the Holiday House, which are staff retreats on each side of camp.

Is there internet access?

We have limited access to the internet for staff via a DSL connection in the Holiday House. It is available for staff to use on their time off to take care of essential matters as class registration, bill paying, quick emails to friends and family, etc. We encourage our staff to embrace the opportunity to spend the summer as "unplugged" as possible while they are on the property. On days off, many staff members take advantage of free wifi in the Orcas Library in Eastsound.