Counselor Trainee and Helping Hand Application - Summer 2019

Please complete this form if you're interested in working at Four Winds as a Counselor Trainee or Helping Hand for summer 2019. You must complete the form in one sitting, so you might want to scroll down and have a look at the whole thing before you begin.

The timeline for CT/HH applications is as follows:

  • Applications must be submitted no later than November 15th, 2018
  • 2 supporting letters of recommendation must be submitted by your references (instructions below) no later than December 1st, 2018
  • Phone interviews will be scheduled and take place as soon as possible once Danielle has received both letters of recommendation
  • Paul and Danielle will make final decisions as soon as possible after all interviews are complete. We aim to make decision phone calls by December 21st, 2018
Part 1 - Personal Contact Information
Current Contact Information
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Permanent Contact Information

If your permanent address is the same as your current address skip to the next section.

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Other Pertinent Information

Part 2 - Camp Experiences
Camp 1
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Camp 2
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Camp 3
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Part 3 - Work or Volunteer Experiences
Job 1

May we contact?

Job 2

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Job 3

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Part 4 - Education
High School
Part 5 - Clubs, Activities, Hobbies, Interests
Part 6 - Essay Questions
Part 7 - References

In order for your application to be complete, we must receive two letters of recommendation in support of your application. Below, please list the two people you're going to ask to write a letter for you, including their phone number and email address. References will be contacted by Danielle via email using the information that you provide to submit their reference letter online.

Applicants are responsible for following up with all references to ensure that their reference has been submitted by the deadline of December 1st, 2018.

Recommendations should come from teachers, coaches, supervisors, or administrators, and are used to gather insight about the applicant’s leadership experience and work ethic away from camp. Recommendations from family members, Four Winds staff, or friends should be avoided.

Reference 1
Reference 2

By clicking the "Send" button below, you certify that all information given in this application and in any supporting documentation is complete and true.

The Counselor Trainee and Helping Hand Application is too large to be filled out on a smart phone.

You should use a laptop computer or a desk computer to fill out this form.

If you have questions please contact Danielle Bone, Assistant Director, at danielle@fourwindscamp.org.