Packing List for Four Week Sessions

Packing list for Junior Session can be found here.

This is a very complete list. Girls will be issued 3 pairs of bloomers and 3 middie tops. Boys will be issued 3 polo shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. Please bring no more than we recommend. Be sure your child’s full name is marked on every piece. Pack in 1 suitcase and 1 duffel, or 2 duffels. PLEASE DO NOT PACK ITEMS OF VALUE.

3 -PLAIN White T-shirts.* (for use in activity areas during hot weather- NO LOGOS)
3 -Long Sleeved Sweaters (wool and sweatshirts)
1 -Pair of Tights (for girls-to be worn under bloomers)
2 -Pairs of Shorts (to be worn for sports activities)
2 -Pairs of Pants (1 pair sweatpants-optional)
8 -Pairs of Socks (at least one pair of warm wool socks)
8 -Sets of Underwear
1 -Warm Bathrobe
2 -Sets of Sleepwear
1 -Pair of Water Shoes (these can be old sneakers that can get fully immersed, or sport sandals with a heel strap.)
1 -Pair of Tennis or Sport Shoes
1 -Pair of Sandals (we recommend sport sandals with a heel strap because of our rocky terrain and the subsequent foot injuries that flip flops can cause. If you choose to send your child with flip flops, you assume some extra risk.)
1 -Pair of Boots, with a well-defined heel, if you plan to ride
1 -Warm Jacket or Parka
1 -Poncho or set of Rain Gear
1 -Nylon-type Windbreaker
1 -Warm Hat
1 -Swimming Suit
***Special Event Clothes: Mix and match colorful gypsy-like shirts/skirts with a few outrageous accessories (scarves, hats etc) to become a gypsy, cowgirl or pirate. Complete costumes aren't necessary - be creative!
1 -Laundry Bag with drawstring* (laundry will go out once a week, so be sure the camper's name is on the bag)
2 -Sets single Bed Sheets (cots are narrow)
2 -Bath Towels
2 -Washcloths
1 -Pillow with 2 Cases
2 -Woolen Blankets or Comforter/Duvet
1 -Outdoor Sleeping Bag
1 -Flashlight with Batteries*
-Toilet articles*
-Postage Stamps*


*The Camp Store stocks these items.

Please do not bring delicate or expensive equipment. No cell phones, iPods, or any other electronic device (with the exception of digital cameras), money, or valuable jewelry, etc. If campers do bring these items for travel, they will be collected when they arrive, and returned for the trip home. IF YOU ARE TRAVELING BY PLANE YOU WILL NEED A PICTURE ID OR PASSPORT (This too will be kept safely for the trip home).