Those who haven't experienced a quality, long term, traditional sleepaway Camp may have an impression of the experience as being fun, but not important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children grow during their experience at Four Winds in extraordinary ways. Four Winds provides children with experiences that are hard to find in today's society. Most of the parents reading this will recall a time when children were told by their parents to play outside, unsupervised, and come home when the streetlights come on. Rightly or wrongly, that culture is gone for most children. Unsupervised time is coming for today's children when they get old enough for a driver's license or college, and we would argue that, in a world without much unsupervised play for camp-aged children, Four Winds can be the thing that prepares them for the types of freedom that will come in the later teenaged years. Four Winds is a place separate from home and school, with well-trained, caring counselors. That change of environment provides campers with an opportunity to solve problems without the normal supports of home, try new things in a supportive environment, and discover what they are capable of. All of this adds up to parents, some of whom thought they were signing their children up for a simple recreational experience, marveling at the growth they see in the children after just four weeks.