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“He returned with a real sense of thinking about others.” – A Parent

In a stunning natural environment, supported by a skilled and dedicated staff, we invite Four Winds campers to embrace our values of community, simplicity and creativity, and to grow comfortably and proudly into their own skin.

Four weeks can seem like a long time to many parents. In our experience, a four-week session allows for significant growth and development of self-awareness. Children are supported as we cultivate and teach group living skills, foster healthy communication, and ignite curiosity and wonder toward the natural world. Without the distraction of technology and pervasive pop culture, we create a place for children to be children, to build new friendships, and to find joy and peace within themselves.

We do offer a junior session at the end of the summer, for one week, which gives both campers and parents a “taste” of life at camp. Many of the children that experience junior session go on to enjoy the four-week session in later years.

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Naturally, parents have many questions, concerns, and ideas, regarding life at Four Winds. And, there is only so much you can glean from a website! We invite you to contact us at the office; we love to connect with families on the phone, answer questions, and learn as much about your child as we can. After all, who knows your child better than you? We feel it’s the best way to set everyone up for success as we embark on our summer adventure together.

“Camp has always helped give my daughter more independence and this year it really showed. I could tell her focus was on things pure and fun. Fashion, boys, and the internet were far from her mind.” – A Parent