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Classic Camp Songs

We've heard from a few alumni who have come across this page and, seeing all the songs recorded by campers and staff, come to the conclusion that we don't sing the old songs at Camp anymore. We want to be clear that nothing could be further from the truth. All the songs that you see in this section are songs that we might sing every day, the more upbeat ones in the morning on the Lodge Steps, and the calmer ones after Evening Activity, before we go to bed. When campers go into the recording studio, they often want to express creativity, and that often means recording something new. But the classics are alive and well at Four Winds, and we thought adding a few recordings here might help those that are looking for songs they know and love from their camp days.

music A Gypsy's Life
music Ah, Lovely Meadows
music Calling Out to You
music Changes
music CloudShips
music Donna Donna
music Dorade Round
music Flags
music Four Strong Winds
music Four Winds Birthday Song
music Good Night (Junior)
music Good Night Song Twilight Falls Night Song
music Grace
music Haida
music In the Land of Odin
music Julie's Porch
music Lachen, Lachen
music Land of the Silver Mist
music Little Hermie
music Marjorie
music Martha (Barges)
music Mrs. Fox Terrier
music Oh, We Picked a Four Leaf Clover
music On Ilkley Moor Bat Had
music On an Isle of Enchantment
music Seven Golden Daffodils
music Sign Post Crow
music Star Song
music The Circle Game
music The Golden Day Is Dying (Evening Flags)
music This Old Lodge
music Today
music Tum Balalaika
music Walk, Shepherdess Walk
music Who Can Sail

Folk Dance Songs

music Amos Moses [camp photo]
music The Hustle
music The Limbo
music Pata Pata
music Saturday Night

Songs by Campers & Staff

Summer 2018
music American Honey - James Johnson Brown
music Friends - 2nd Session Singout TTS
music Hallelujah - Rocky Point First Session
music Halo - Ofi
music Northwest Passage - James Johnson Brown
music Original Song - Carolina
music Riptide - Catalina
music Rock Out Drums First Session 2018
music Smile - Sarah Woo
music Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Erica
music Time of Our Lives - Joan (1st Session Sing Out)
Summer 2017
music All there is - Tom
music Blackbird - Maddy and Tom
music Bloom - Maddy and Tom
music Can't help falling in love - Ingrid and Lily
music Changes
music Faster Than the Trees - Erin, Aubrey and Reese
music Land of the Silver Mist - Tom and Maria
music Life sings back - Tom
music Martha
music Mingulay - Tom
music New Mexico - Daisy
music Northwest Passage - Ciaran and Tom
music Seven Golden Daffodils
music Surviving the Music Industry - Paul Blart Hey Yah Silence New York
music The way I am - Ingrid and Lily
music Thoughtless Quiet - Ciaran
music Time after Time - Tom
music Tum Balalaika
music Turned to Red - Daisy
music Whoever has known the mountains
First Session 2016
music Catch The Wind - Ayja, Tyndall
music Fare Thee Well by Oscar Issac & Marcus Mumford - Isabelle, Spencer, Tyndall
music Going To California - Will
music Keep Your Heart Young - Tyndall (cover)
music Lost Boy - Gabby and Amelia
music On The Way To School - Erin
music Original Song - Molly
music Paperweight - Angela
music Sons and Daughters - Sing Out
music Still Found - Erin
Second Session 2016
music All I Do - Jackson McCloskey
music Blue Ridge Mountains - Ciaran
music Calypso (Carlyn Version) - Ayja
music Carlyn takes us all - Carlyn Crew (original)
music Even The Darkness Has Arms - Ayja
music Help from my friends - Tyndall
music I belong to you - Tyndall
music Mountain Thyme - Ciaran
music Paleontology - Lottie
music Skibbereen - Ciaran
music Tangled Hair - Spencer Fovell
music The Fear - Tyndall
music The Train That Never Comes (Annika Original) - Annika, Sherbert, Vivian
music Thousand Years - Annabelle and Pippa
music Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Tyndall and Ayja
music Weights and Measures - Spencer and Isabelle
music When You Come Back Down - Angela
music When you sleep - Lottie (original)
music Without You - Cy
music You Belong To You (original) - Sam
Summer 2015
music Flight (original) - Andy
music A Life in Some Other Nowhere (original) - Andy
music This Old Lodge (cover) - Andy
music Original Rap - Caravansari (First Session)
music Coffee - Charlotte and Page
music Skinny Love - Ciaran and Page
music Stairway to Heaven - Drew and Daisy
music Old Pine - David
music Ellie (original) - Emma (caravansari first session)
music I Am Fine (original) - Emma R
music Build Up (original) - Gabby and Michaela
music Home (original) - Hannah
music By Your Side (original – Joy) - Hillside
music Acting is Pretending (original) - India
music These Doors (original) - India
music Transitions (original) - India
music Fairytale (original) - Ingrid
music Traveling Soldier - Ingrid
music Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Isabelle and Lizzie E
music See You Again (original) - Joan
music Gold Springs (original) - Jordan
music The Girl of Wanderlust and the Tornado Boy (original) - Maia
music Tattoo (original) - Maia
music Train Psychologist (original) - Maia
music Echoes (original) - Page S
music Rain Song (original) - Page S
music Roots (original) - Page S
music This Day (original) - Page S
music Heart of Gold (original) - Paige
music I Won't Give Up - Sarah, Erica, Page
music Home - Sing Out (First Session)
music Riptide - Sing Out (First Session)
music Budapest - Sing Out (Second Session)
music You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Sing Out (Second Session)
music It's Ok (original) - Sophia T
music Misty Air (original) - Sophia T
music Tangled Hair (original) - Spencer
music Maps - Zachary
Summer 2014
music Downtown (original) - Adia
music Ellis Island (original) - Adia & (Angela)
music Resolution - Ali & Page
music Waves (original) - Angela
music Tasia (original) - Angela
music Catch the Wind - Ayja & Falyn
music Home (original) - Caitlin
music The Scientist - Caitlin & Stepanka
music Radioactive - Charlie (Chocolate)
music Helplessness Blues - Ciaran
music St. Augustine - Ciaran
music The Dreamer - Ciaran
music Tenerafe Sea - Cody & Ayja
music One Night Town - Cody & Ayja
music West Coast - Daisy & Spencer
music Wonderwall - Daisy & Spencer
music Another Fall - David
music What a Wonderful World - Emily & George
music Circle of Friends - Erin
music Piece of Sunshine (original) - Falyn
music Katharine (original) - Falyn
music Lets be Country - Falyn
music Hallelujah - Genisis, Lili, David
music Oh the Places You'll Go - Kate H.
music Today - Katie Fitz
music Hold on 'Til May - Lili
music Someone Like You - Lili
music Soft Rock Star - Lili
music Down I Go (original) - Maia
music The First Time (original) - Maia
music Goodbye (original) - Maia
music Home (original) - Maia
music Delusional (original) - Molly
music Moving On (original) - Molly
music Tears of Goodbye (original) - Molly
music Easy Silence - Page S & Katie F
music Calling Me Home (original) - Page Spears
music Goodbye Again (original) - Page Spears
music Moment (original) - Page Spears
music Beautiful - Sing Out 1st Session
music Love - Sing Out 1st Session
music Rivers & Roads - Sing Out 1st Session
music Everybody - Sing Out 2nd Session
music Pompeii - Sing Out 2nd Session
music Thats Whats Up - Sing Out 2nd Session
music Fairytale (original) - Sophia
music Four Winds Cry (original) - Sophia
music Game of Love - Sophia
music Give Me Love - Sydney & Maddy
Summer 2013
music A Place Where I Belong (original) - Tom and Katie
music Blood Bank - Tom, Eloise, Kara
music Boats and Birds - Hattie and Emily
music Brighter Day (original) - Rhiannon
music By Your Side (original) - Tom and Katie
music Clarity - Liliana
music Darryl's Song (original) - Andrew, Maia, JZ
music Dink's Song - Zach and Katie
music Ellis Island (original) - Adia
music Evening Fire - Sing Out First Session
music Flare - Liliana
music Forever Changed (original) - Sing Out First Session
music Girl on Fire - Olivia
music If You Wonder (original) - Morgan and McKenzie
music Lego House - Cody and Katie
music Lost at Sea (original) - Morgan
music Love at the End of the Earth (original) - Zach.
music Lullaby - Angela
music Madrona (original) - Sing Out First Session
music Magic's in the Mystery (original) - Falyn
music Mystery Babe (original) - Kit
music Putting up a Fight (original) - Angela
music Running Home (original) - Katie Stump
music Safe and Sound - Liliana
music Simple Things (original) - Maddie and Sabrina
music Skinny Love - Maddie and Tess
music Sugar Canes (original) - Angela
music The Best Revenge (original) - Kit
music This - Maddy and Sydney
music Turning Tables - Liliana
music Use Somebody - Sing Out First Session
music Westward Home (original) - Morgan
music Where the Wind Settles (original) - Tom
Summer 2012
music Flowers in the Lodge - Erin Slichter
music Abby's Song - Fiddlers Green
music My Own Love - India Thieriot
music Live in the Moment - India Thieriot
music Rain - Jordyn Christo
music Reality's World - Jordyn Christo
music Reality's World Intro - Jordyn Christo
music Barefoot Heart - Katie Stump
music Chasing Summer - Katie Stump
music Don't Even Say Goodbye - Katie Stump
music The End Of Me - Katie Stump
music Gypsy Star - Katie Stump
music Lost and Found - Katie Stump
music Madrona - Katie Stump
music Summer's End - Katie Stump
music Flowers - Kira Myles-Era and Katie Stump
music Drumming Song - Maia Shwarts
music No Clue - Maia Shwarts
music Once More - Maia Shwarts
music Sometimes - Maia Shwarts
music Thankful - Maia Shwarts
music Go to Sleep Little Baby - Shelby, Ali
music Safe and Sound - Sing Out Class 1st Session
music Second Home - Sing Out Class 1st Session
music Abby's Song - Chris B, Katie F
music Wild and Free - Emily G, Katie F, Chris B
music If I Die Young - Erica Thompson
music Gliding - Grant McLean
music Pets - Grant McLean
music Overwhelmed - Gwen Mulligan
music People Change - Gwen Mulligan
music What Are You Waiting For - Gwen Mulligan
music Cedar - Jojo Marshall
music Home - Kara and Katie
music Let Me Down Easy - Kara and Katie
music Carlyn - Katie Stump
music The Chain - Katie Stump
music Here To Stay - Katie Stump
music Maypearl - Katie Stump
music Moving On - Katie Stump
music Run - Katie Stump
music Today - Katie Stump
music Wanted You To Know - Katie Stump
music Home - Katlyn
music EastsoundWestsound - Lynne "Clide" Holcombe
music Heros - Madeleine
music Vovo The Mini Volcano - Madison Pollock
music Emmylou - Rhi Ross
music Follow Me - Rhi Ross
music You and Me - Rhi Ross
music Give Me Sympathy - Ryan and Madelyn
music The Chain - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
music Big Pink Blanket - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
music Gypsy Star - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
Summer 2011
music Farewell - Alexa
music Smile In A Crowd - Annie Bronfman
music A Friend - Cameron
music I Feel It All - Elaine Hruby
music "Garden" - DJ Tron
music You Don't Matter - India Thierot
music It's Never Impossible To Try - India Thierot
music Broken Heart Syndrome - India Thierot
music Hang On - India Thierot and Annie Bronfman
music Love That Always Binds - Breanna Bonnes and Kate Hruby
music Bondtastic - Royal Session 1
music We Fix This - Ruby Weinstein
music Sea Fever - Sing Out Session 1
music The Babe of FWWH - Aaron Smith
music Untitled - Cal Swearengen
music Waiting - Chris Begler
music Remember It All - Chris Begler
music Up - Elaine Hruby and Chris Borchardt
music Haida (on the grass) - Singout Session 2
music Haida (on the gravel) - Singout Session 2
music Untitled - Gwynn Lanning
music Hey Le - Gwynn Lanning
music Six Note Sunshine (The Craft Courts Song) - Gwynn Lanning
music Halloween Town - Gwynn Lanning
music Four Winds - Gwynn Lanning
music Please Speak Well Of Me - Hattie Richards and Elaine Hruby
music The Mermaid Song - Hattie Richards and Elaine Hruby
music Endless Sea - Katie Fitzgerald and Elaine Hruby
music Let Me Go Home - Kelani Ross
music The Girl - Maddy Hansen and Elaine Hruby
music Faith - Rhiannon Ross
music It Could Change - Rhiannon Ross
music Life's Just Begun - Rhiannon Ross
music Forest - Singout Session 2
music Gypsy Day Mash-Up - Walk 3
music Creepy Doll - Zach Cameron
Summer 2010
music I Can Fly - Casey Schryer and India Thierot
music Alone - Page Spears
music By and By - Shelby Williams and Annie Wright
music Misperceptions of Life - Shelby Williams
music You and Me - Page Spears
music I Will Be There - Ruby Weinstein and Elaine Hruby
music Lost - Casey Schryer and India Thierot
music Abandoned - Casey Schryer
music Trippers - Jordyn and Friends
music Evasion - Andrew
music There Is No Better Place To Be - India Thierot
music My Friend - Ben Henderson w/ Marshall
music Roseville Fair - Morgan Hansen
music King Of Carrot Flowers - Marshall Bonnes and Chris Borchardt
music Yoshimi - Marshall Bonnes and Chris Borchardt
music For Emily - Marshall Bonnes
music Acquired Taste - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music Blowin' In The Wind - Elaine Hruby
music Four Strong Winds - Elaine Hruby, Aidan Willis, Jay Sandstrom
music Hallelujah - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music Nobody But The Baby - Elaine Hruby, Bryn Bliska, Kirsten Kammermeyer
music Seems To Me - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music With Gypsy Colors Gay - Aidan Willis
music Laws Of The Navy - Aidan Willis
music Sluggettes - Aidan Willis
music Down In The River To Pray - Molly Sprague, Kirsten, Will, Elaine, Cody
music I Love The Sea Breeze - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music I'll Be There Too - Songwriting Session 2 w/ Lily Wilson
music You - Zach Baum
music Don't Be Afraid - Cedar 2nd Session w/ Lily Wilson
music Annie's Song - Tyndall, Falyn, Ayja
music Gypsy Moon - Aidan Willis
music When It Begins - Guitar 2 TTS Second Session
music Set Out - Lily Wilson
music Something New - Jay Sandstrom
music Falling Slowly - Molly Sprague and Will Waste
music Carlyn - Elaine Hruby
music Gypsy Love - Aidan Willis
music Riding Free - Emma Walsh
music Barnacle - Elaine Hruby
music My Beloved Treasure - Rhi, Joan, Katie
music Riddle Song - Alice Sherman (Lewis) and Lily Wilson
music Try Harder - Zach Baum
music Sea Bear Song - Aevin Stearns and Peter Daamgaard
music Better As Friends - Richard Beauchamin
music Indiana Jones Theme Song - Gypsy Day Walk 3 2nd Session
music I See Your Face - Rachel Byron-Law and Katie Fitzgerald
music Dream - Rachel Byron-Law and Katie Fitzgerald
music Home - Molly Sprague, Molly Sullivan, Hattie Richards, Bryn Bliska, Elaine
music Little Lion Man - Ali Walker and Elaine Hruby
music Xcelerator - Songwriting Session 2
music Darn It - Jay Sandstrom and Aidan Willis
Summer 2009
music A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door (Bill Ricchini) - Alex Neureu
music Lime Tree (by Trevor Hall) - Singout 1st Sess
music A Minor Incident (Badly Drawn Boy) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Mellow Mood (by Bob Marley) - Juniper 2nd Sess
music Baby Blue Sedan - Marshall Bon
music More Gypsy - Baum, Begler, Wil
music Caledonias Sail Away - Caledonia Trip 2nd Sess
music Northern Downpour (by Panic at the Disco) - Singout 1st Sess
music Clueless - Katie St
music Opportunity (Pete Murray) - Alex Neureu
music Compilation - Zach B
music Purple Haze (by Jimi Hendrix) - Gibson Buttfi
music Deer Harbor Road - Aaron Sm
music Resurrection Fern (by Iron and Wine) - Oona Mur
music Easy Silence (Dixie Chicks) Singout 1st Sess
music Sleep Through The Static (by Jack Johnson) - Kayvon Cof
music Goodbye Song - Aaron Sm
music Sleepwalkin (Modest Mouse) - Marshall Bonnes and Emily Kel
music Gypsy Moon - Aidan Wil
music Stay Just a Little (by Keena Grannis) - Kara Erickson and Alex Neureu
music Half Acre (Hem) - Alex Neureu
music Tears in Heaven (by Eric Clapton) - Cole Jacob
music Hello Goodbye (The Beatles) - Singout 2nd Sess
music The Dock Song - Aidan Wil
music The Epic Adventures of Ruth Brown - Topsail 2nd Sess
music Hold My Hand - Katie St
music The World Is Grand - Chet Kittle
music Homeward Bound (Marta Keen) - Alex Neureu
music Time Goes (Andrew Roberts) - Alex Neureu
music Justified (Chris Seefried) - Alex Neureu
music Wake Up (Arcade Fire) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Just Us - Keely Killebrew and Katie St
music Whoever Has Known The Mountains - Singout 1st Sess
music Knockin On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan) - Cole Jacobsen, Joe LaHorgue, Eloise LaHorgue, Molly Spra
music Why Georgia Why (John Mayer) - Flying Cloud 2nd Sess
music The Lake Isle of Innisfree (William Butler Yeats) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Wildfire Flies - Chet Kittle
music Leaving Friends - Jay Sandst
music Witness Blues (AA Bondy) - Alex Neureu
Summer 2008
music Abacus - Alex Neureuter
music Back Together - Alex Neureuter & Friends
music Chicago - Sing Out 2nd Session 2008
music Come This Time - Alex Neureuter
music Darlin' - Sing Out 1st Session 2008
music Darling, Be Home Soon - Alex Neureuter
music Falling Slowly - Sing Out 1st Session
music Freight Train - Alex Neureuter
music How Deep is That River - Alex Neureuter
music Ithaca - Lightning 1 Senior Trip 1st Session 2008
music Never Look Back - Sing Out 2nd Session 2008
music Not Letting Go - Katie Stump (Wandervogel 2nd Session 2008)
music Realize - Ryan Mc Manemin (Flying Cloud 1st Session 2008)
music Riding Song/Oh We Picked - Sing out 2nd Session 2008
music Sad Sack - Zach Baum (Royal 2nd Session 2008)
music Sand - Abby Sessions (Carlyn 2nd Session 2008)
music Sea Feaver - Alex Neureuter
music Softer - Abby Sessions (Carlyn 2nd Session 2008)
music Sunshine - Alex Neureuter & Joe Babcock
music Wash Away/I Love the Rain the Most - Alex Neureuter
music Why - Chet Kittleson
music Calling to Me - Alex Neureuter
music Matha - Alex Neureuter & Friends
music Today - Alex Neureuter & Friends
Summer 2007
music Anything Always - Abby Sessions
music Astair - Alex Neureuter & Elaine Hruby
music Dreams - Aidan Willis
music Feel So Near - Alex Neureuter
music Fields of Athenry - Aidan Willis
music Gypsy Back - Zach Cameron and Darryl Brown
music Gypsy Unit - Topsail 2nd Session 2006
music Hallelujah - Aidan Willis
music Health House - Romany Winds 2nd Session
music Home - Alex Neureuter
music I Gotta Have You - Alex Neureuter
music I Will - Teddy and Friends
music Karma Police - Cass, Oona, & Cavan
music The Lost Cause - Abby Sessions
music Meant to Last - Abby Sessions
music No Name #1 - Marshall Bonnes
music Set Free - Kara Erickson and Whitney Anderson
music Smile - Ciaran Willis & Stuart Suger
music Sunshine - Elaine Hruby
music Sweet Rose - Alex Neureuter
music Tell Me True - Abby Sessions  
music Traveling Soldier - Sing Out 1st Session
music Where You Are - Abby Sessions
music Who Can Sail? - Cass, Oona, & Cavan
music World Spins Madly On - Alex Neureuter
Summer 2006
music Across the Great Divide - Sing Out Class
music At the Bottom of Everything - Marshall
music Breakdown - Kara & Ryan
music Drop - Cody & Kara
music Landslide - Ryan M.
music Swing Life Away - Hillary & Ryan
music Amore - Tog Gallant
music May There Always Be Sunshine - Hillside
music Veronica - Emily Glass & Andrew
music Jonah's Song - Jonah, Marshall, Hunter
music Fields of Ahenrah - Kim G. & Marnie
music Do You Remember - Jess Kindred
music Beautiful World - Emily G. & Andrew
music Hey Beautiful Day - Andrew Roberts
music This Old Guitar - Andrew Roberts
music Over the Water - Andrew Roberts
music Brown Eyed Girl - Rock Out Class
music Staff Song, First Session - Alex, Andrew, Emily
music Seems to Me - Alex, Andrew
music Such Great Heights - Alex N.
music I Remember - Alex N.
music Jonah's Song - Jonah, Marshall, Hunter
music Bigfoot - Andrew Roberts
music Sunshine - Andrew Roberts
music Do You Remember - Jess Kindred
music 7 Golden Daffodils - Andrew Roberts
music Morning - Andrew Roberts
music Beautiful World - Andrew, Emily
music The Garden - Andrew Roberts
music Forest - Andrew Roberts
music Bridge over Troubled Water - Elaine Hruby
music The Fields of Athenrai - Kim Gibson, Marnie K.
music This Old Guitar - Andrew Roberts, Emily G.
music Hey Beautiful Day - Andrew Roberts
music Over the Water - Andrew Roberts
Summers 2003-2005
music All I Want is You - Lizzy & Lucinda
music Have You Ever Loved - Cody & George
music Wild Horses - Emily Woodward
music Gypsy Love - Flying Cloud Girls
music Free Falling - Hillside Cabin
music You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Singout Class
music Perfect - Helen Hansen
music I'll Be There Soon - Lucinda
music Mellow Mood - Lizzy & Lucinda
music On and On - Lizzy & Lucinda
music Comes a Time - Singout Class
music Gone - Lauren Fleigelman
music Yesterday - Hilary Ison
music Changes - Lauren F. & Hilary Ison
music I Will - Lucinda
music Sir Dale - Emily & Geoffrey
music Wonderful Tonight - Lizzy & Lucinda