The Dock

Four Winds Westward Ho is located on its own small inlet, which is perfect for activities in and on the water. Camp has a long history of sailing and water-based trips.

Sailing – We own our own 62-foot yawl, the Carlyn, which takes kids on day sails and overnight trips, and while in camp kids have the opportunity to sleep on board and learn how to care and maintain a large boat. Additionally, we have a range of other sailboats, including Lightnings, Lasers, F.J.s, and Bugs. Sailing classes are offered to all levels of sailors, from absolute beginners to those wishing to perfect their technique in race sailing.

Canoeing – We offer canoeing as a class, and campers may also opt to participate in an overnight canoe trip to a nearby island. We have several different types of canoes, including beautiful handcrafted Old Town war canoes, built in the 1930’s and still in use today.

Kayaking – We have many small kayaks available for kids to take out in Four Winds Bay, and also maintain a set of sea kayaks for our trips program. It's a great way to see the islands, and learn about kayaking and seamanship skills.

Gypsy Gunkholing – Jump in a rowboat, funyak, or canoe and explore flora, fauna, and all the shoreline treasures.

Land Sports

We offer a wide range of sports in a supportive learning environment. Our focus is on team play and cooperation, rather than competition, and we strive to maintain a fun, positive environment.

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Tennis – We have 3 regulation tennis courts, one of which doubles as a basketball court. Towards the end of each session, we organize a fun round-robin style tournament, dubbed “Four Wimbledon”.

Archery – We have a beautiful archery range in a forested corner of the woods. Classes offered by trained instructors.

Basketball – “Take Your Shot!” Have fun on the basketball court practicing drills to improve skills and games.

Pickleball – Human-sized ping pong. What else can we say?

Field Sports – We have a huge soccer field, and lots of fun ways to use it! Ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, lacrosse, Sportschoice, kickball, soccer, and all kinds of other field games like capture-the-flag, etc.

The “Craft Courts”

Our well-supplied arts and crafts area is another favorite place in camp. Kids are encouraged to use arts and crafts projects to expand their creativity. Our folk dances in the evening are often held at the Craft Courts.

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Woodcarving – Learn basic woodcarving skills. Move on to carve figures, signs, wishing stools, etc.

Painting/Drawing – Explore pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and other media

Gypsy Crafts – Arts and Crafts grab bag! All sorts of creative adventures…

Pottery – On Julie’s Porch we have a kiln, 4 wheels, and long tables for hand building and glazing. All levels welcome.

Fiber Arts – Weaving, basket making, batik, papermaking, and more!

Photography – Learn the fundamentals of photography, and develop your own prints in our darkroom.

Poetry – Explore the magic of rhyme and rhythm while writing verse in serene surroundings. You can share your poetry at Evening Fire.

Drama – Improvisation games, and basic techniques, on an beautiful outdoor stage overlooking West Sound.

Dance – Hip-hop, ballet, African style, musical theatre, and more.

Music – If you want to sing out, sing out! We offer choral singing and individual songwriting and arranging, and guitar classes for beginner and developed players. Share at Moonraker or Evening Fire.

The Barn

Horseback riding is a popular activity at camp, and our well-equipped barn is the center of the activities. The staff consists of experienced teachers and riders, and many kids leave the summer with learning to ride a horse as one of their greatest accomplishments. We teach English and Western techniques to riders of all levels and ages. Our Pony Cart Driving program is always popular.

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English – Tally Ho! English Hunt Seat riding focuses on the rider’s equitation, teaching the individual a strong sense of body placement (balance, leg and hand placement) while being attune and in control of their horse. Campers learn how to post at the trot, canter on the correct lead proper trail etiquette, all while experiencing the importance of safe and conscientious grooming and horse maintenance.

Western – Yee Haw! Western Riding focuses on the rider’s skills in western tack, teaching the individual the importance of body placement (balance, leg and hand placement) while being attune and in control of their horse. Campers explore the different western gaits (jogging & loping), pole bending, barrels, good trail riding etiquette, and basic grooming and horse maintenance skills.

Cart Driving – Whoa Nelly! Pony Cart Classes are excellent for campers who want to experience horses as transportation without actually getting up on a horse. A pony cart is a “two-wheeled, one horse power go cart”. The class focuses on developing independent horse cart driving skills in the arena, around camp, and on the road. Classes are small and fill up quick, so sign up early!

The Garden

Campers may pick their own fresh fruit, cook up a snack, or make craft projects in the garden workshop. We have a full-time gardener who keeps the garden healthy. Several times each summer we'll have an all-camp activity in the garden, such as a musical concert, or picnic lunch or dinner.

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Garden Crafts – The ‘grab bag’ of garden classes includes a variety of gardening, making crafts and other ite such as lip balm and soap, and cooking delicious home-grown snacks.

Dig It – Gardening Basics for the budding gardener who wants to dig, plant, and design beds. Help to create new landscapes around camp. Be ready to get dirty!