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“If I could change one thing about camp, I would make it longer.” – A Camper

Four Winds is a place that embraces individuality; we give you the space and the safety to be yourself. At camp we let go of many pressures, and not just the academic ones. We aren’t hung up on how many MVP sport awards you have gathered, or how perfectly you sing in key, or which crowd, if any, you belong to in school. This isn’t to say we don’t welcome the experts, too! We just like everyone to feel that they are perfectly appreciated for whatever their talents might be. Camp teaches us to see the world with warmer eyes, and to become more comfortable with ourselves and with others.

[camp photo]

An important (and awesome) part of being a camper is that you’re nudged out of your “comfort zone”. We ask you to leave behind technology and certain creature comforts for four weeks, and discover what kind of person you can be without them. You’ll have time to explore, to sail, to sing and play music, to discover new friendships, to create art, to try something new, to talk to people, to imagine, to build fires, to watch the sky, to play outside … the best parts of summer.

We hire fun, creative, caring, responsible, staff members each summer who unite under the common goal of giving you the greatest summer of your life, Four Winds style! It’s our hope that after an experience at camp, you’ll go home with more confidence, new friends and new abilities, and the sense that you are truly part of something much bigger than yourselves.