The Property

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“Because Life Shines And Sings To Me…”

Four Winds * Westward Ho exists in a truly stunning corner of the world. From the rocky shores of Breakfast Beach, to the moss covered stones high up on Hill of the Moon, to the afternoon light spilling across our rolling horse pastures. We wake up every day, thankful for the beauty that surrounds us. While we are thankful for the natural beauty, we of course are thankful for our historic buildings and program facilities. The built features of our property hold an aesthetic that is both timeless and modern; with detail and craftsmanship poured into every nook and cranny. We owe great thanks to Harlan Pedersen, AIA, who has been Camp's architectural consultant on many projects over the last decade including the Hilltop renovation, Craft Courts rebuild, and Health House rebuild, among others. It's no surprise that generations of campers have fond memories of the places in camp, and we are proud to say that campers today are just as enchanted as they ever were with the loveliness of our camp property. Many spots in camp are perfect for spending time as a camp family, with a cabin or tent, or with a class group. Hill of the Moon, Moonraker, Big Rock, The Garden, The Amphitheatre, Breakfast Beach, and many others, are favorite spots to sleep out, get together for Sunday Assembly, and generally bask in the beautiful surroundings.

Cabins & Tents

At Four Winds, most of the girls live in simple, storybook cabins along the water. The cabins have bunks inside for the campers and counselors, and a fireplace inside to make the evenings more cozy. All of the boys, and a few of the girls, live in canvas wall tents on wooden platforms. These are large, airy tents in which you can stand upright with plenty of room. Again, they have bunks inside and porches with views of the water. Both the cabins and tents are rustic, with no electricity or running water (showerhouses are located nearby). We take this as a positive thing, and embrace the opportunity to live simply for the time we're at Camp.

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The Bench

As far as beautiful spots in camp go, the bench is a time-honored favorite. The original bench, designed and carved by Ernest Norling, was replaced in the mid ‘00s by an exact replica carved by local artist Todd Spalti. The Bench resides on a high cliff overlooking the dock West Sound. Many a camper and staff member can easily recite the poem carved into the back, and have memories of sitting, laughing, and watching the sky and sea.

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The Tree House

Up in the branches of the large Maple tree sits a two-storey tree house. It’s a perfect place for campers to play, gather, sleep out, look out, have tea parties, and search for clues on Gypsy Day. The Maple tree itself is rather old, and sadly is showing signs of fatigue. We are thankful for the many years she has held campers in her boughs.

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Built in the 1920’s, Hilltop has been the homestead for many Four Winds Directors since the days of Miss Ruth. Campers still love to come up and sit on the porch, spend time together and with the Director’s family, and listen to camp happening through the trees. It’s a beautiful lookout with lots of history.

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The Lodge

Often referred to as the “heart” of camp. It is here that countless Evening Fires have taken place, and campers and staff have found peace and warmth alone or with groups. We eat all of our meals outside on the lodge deck, and campers can purchase essentials the camp store, which is located underneath the lodge, tucked away with the uniforms. The Boon and Goon Birds, Painted Flowers, and other Lodge Carvings are special pieces of art housed in the Lodge. They each have a story, and you’ll soon discover their meanings after spending some time here at Four Winds.

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The Craft Cabins

Newly rebuilt, bright beautiful workspaces, full of inspiration and ideas, a place for all gypsies to come and get their craft on! In addition to the open art space, the cabins host an archival area where camp’s history is on display. Amongst other things, you’ll find logbooks and artwork that provide us a connection to the past.

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Julie’s Porch

This is a great spot for gypsies to gather and build with clay. Here you’ll find a fireplace on rainy days, benches for laying out and creating pottery on sunny afternoons. Listen for Neal Woodall’s song Julie’s Porch. It’s catchy.

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Mountain Thyme

Built during Carlyn Stark's directorship of Camp, Mountain Thyme is centrally located near the Lodge, Dock, Craft Courts, and Treehouse. For many years it was the camp store, and now is used to house specialist staff and visiting artists.

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Helm and Holiday House

Summer staff retreats, and the home of Head of Boys and Girls camp respectively from June to the end of August. These buildings remain somewhat of a mystery to campers!

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Gatehouse (The Office)

Once a residence, the office now takes up the main part of Gatehouse. The small apartment on the side used to be the office.

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The Dock

Four Winds Westward Ho is located on its own small inlet, which is perfect for activities in and on the water. Four Winds has a long history of sailing and water-based trips, making our Dock a central part of our camp program. While in camp, our 61-ft yawl Carlyn can be found at the dock, along with our fleet of sailboats (Caledonias, Lightnings, Lasers, FJs, Bugs), canoes, wooden rowboats, and funyaks. While the water here in the Puget Sound is far from balmy, campers enjoy the refreshing plunge on hot summer days! All campers participate in a swim test on the first day of camp, where our trained staff are able to assess ability and comfort levels in the water.

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The Health House

Rebuilt in 2008, our Health House is a beautiful addition to our camp buildings. After a much needed upgrade, this modern facility now contains 2 separate bunkrooms, laundry facilities, private bathrooms, secure storage, nurse's quarters, and a clean and welcoming waiting area. Each camper visits the health house on the first full day of camp, and then again as needed throughout the session. We have a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Assistant on staff, who together provide 24/7 coverage to meet the needs of our campers. The health house is centrally located near the lodge.

Year Round Staff also live in these camp buildings: Baghdad, Garden House, the Gatehouse Apartment, and Printshop.