Groundskeeper Job Opening

Four Winds is seeking the next great member of our year round staff team, a Groundskeeper. The position is year round, full time, hourly. You will be a key member our maintenance staff, helping to keep our 160 acre property looking great. If you love to work outdoors and be part of a fantastic community, this could be the job for you.

The salary for this position will be hourly, between $15 and $17.50 an hour (between $31,200 and $36,400 a year). Benefits include a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that can be used to purchase health insurance or pay for other health related expenses worth $736 per month ($8,832 per year), a SIMPLE-IRA Retirement Plan with 3% company match, two weeks paid vacation per year at the beginning of employment, the week between Christmas and New Years as paid time off, 7 other paid holidays every year, and paid sick time off.

We are an organization whose purpose is to serve children, so in addition to being a great groundskeeper, you must also be a great role model for kids. The selected applicant will be required to pass a criminal background check. We are a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free workplace.

Apply by sending a resume to Rick Mollner at We are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible.

Four Winds is an equal opportunity employer. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


Assist the Head of Maintenance with upkeep and improvement of the camp’s facilities, and facilitation of camp programs during the summer season.

Primary Duties:

  • Perform grounds keeping and building maintenance duties as directed by the Head of Maintenance.
  • Follow directions and/or ask for assistance regarding all aspects of grounds keeping and maintenance duties.
  • Operate gasoline and diesel powered lawn mowers, hedgers, chainsaws, string trimmers, blowers, hand tools, and other vehicles associated with ground maintenance and landscaping activities.
  • Operates pick-up trucks, flat-rack trucks, and dump trucks for hauling purposes and for trash and debris removal.
  • Perform daily maintenance procedures on equipment (according to the equipment operator’s manuals) and communicate with HOM to facilitate timely repairs and follow routine maintenance intervals for equipment.
  • Apply herbicides to noxious weeds as needed.
  • Remove and dispose of noxious weeds and unwanted brush, by hand and with power equipment.
  • Apply fertilizers, compost, and mulch as needed to grounds to enhance growth.
  • Maintain decks, walkways, and pathways using chemical and mechanical means- such as “30 second cleaner”, a pressure washer, and a gas powered blower.
  • Sweep, rake, and blow debris from roads, walkways, roofs, and gutters.
  • Cut down tree limbs and trees that are posing a danger to structures, paths, or humans. Process downed or unwanted trees into firewood and/or chips.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and annuals- including vegetables for the garden classes.
  • Water plantings, vegetable beds and grass.
  • Edge, mulch, and maintain all perennial/annual garden beds throughout property.
  • Apply fungicides, dormant oil sprays, “sluggo”, and other counter-pest measures as necessary- including vole traps and rat traps.
  • Order commercial supplies such as: amendments, fertilizers, weed killer, sprays, hand tools, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of equipment, tools, and procedures of grounds care- including their proper use and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides used in grounds care and gardening.
  • Basic knowledge of plant biology and identification.
  • Skill in operating grounds maintenance equipment.
  • Able to read and understand chemical MSDS and equipment operator manuals.
  • Able to cooperate with other maintenance staff and administration.

Essential Functions:

Part I:  Physical Demands

1. Moving Inanimate Objects:

Lift or carry up to 10 lbs Constantly Pushing or pulling forces up to 5 lbs Constantly
Lift or carry up to 20 lbs Occasionally Pushing or pulling forces up to 10 lbs Constantly
Lift or carry up to 50 lbs Rarely Pushing or pulling forces up to 20lbs Frequently
Lift or carry up to 100 lbs Rarely Pushing or pulling forces up to 40 lbs Rarely
Lift or carry over 100 lbs Rarely Pushing or pulling forces over 40 lbs Rarely

2. Activity:

Standing Constantly Bending Frequently
Walking Frequently Crouching Occasionally
Sitting Frequently Crawling Occasionally
Repetitive finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder or neck movement Occasionally Use of finger tips for pinching or retrieving small objects Occasionally
Keyboard work Rarely Awkward postures of neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, or fingers Rarely
Forceful hand grasp Occasionally Use of vibrating tools Frequently
Squatting Occasionally Kneeling Occasionally
Seeing Constantly Hearing Frequently
Reading in English Occasionally Speaking clearly in English Frequently
Driving Occasionally Operation of hand or foot controls Occasionally

3. Climbing and Balancing:

Ladders Occasionally Stairs Rarely
Ramps Rarely Unguarded Heights Occasionally
Trees Occasionally

4. Reaching and Use of Arms:

Reaching (shoulder level or below Frequently Reaching while holding objects Occasionally
Over-shoulder reaching Occasionally Approximate weight of objects held while reaching 15 lbs

Part II:  Attendance

The selected candidate for this position must be able to maintain a regular work schedule of 8 hours per day, Monday-Friday. Regular attendance is essential, though time off may be taken in accordance with Four Winds’ policies. Approximately 4 times per year, some weekend work will be required, and will be compensated either with time off during the week or with overtime pay. Occasional off-island errands may result in irregular hours. There is no possibility of a remote work arrangement for this position.

Part III:  Mental Demands:

Problem Solving Rarely Analyzing Never
Concentration/memory skills Occasionally Interpersonal Communication Frequently
Comprehending Occasionally Focusing Constantly
Prioritizing Rarely Decision Making Occasionally
Learning Frequently Judgment Occasionally
Emotional Regulation Constantly Orientation- awareness of surroundings Constantly
Ability to take correction Occasionally Ability to take direction Constantly
Frustration Tolerance Occasionally Stress tolerance Occasionally
Ability to interact appropriately with children Constantly Ability to collaborate with coworkers, supervisors, campers, and other stakeholders to create a positive environment Constantly

Part IV: Environmental Demands

Work Outside Constantly Work Inside Rarely
Work Closely with Others Frequently Work Alone Frequently
Exposure to slippery or uneven walking surfaces (mud, undeveloped ground) Constantly Exposure to dust, fumes, smoke, gases, or other irritating substances (paint, glue, diesel exhaust, 2 cycle exhaust, etc.) Constantly
Work around machinery Frequently Exposure to chemicals Occasionally
Vibration Frequently Excess noise Frequently
Work with hands in water or other substance Occasionally Work below ground Rarely
Animal exposure (Equestrians, Dogs, Cats) Frequently Animal exposure (Raccoons, Rodents, Deer) Rarely
Respirator Use Occasionally

Part V: Operation of:

Motor Vehicles Occasionally Machinery Frequently
Power Tools Frequently Slicing/Cutting Equip. Frequently

Part VI: Driving:

Selected applicant must possess (or be able to obtain) a Washington Driver’s License. For insurance purposes, the selected applicant must be at least 21 years of age, and must pass a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check with our insurance company. The largest vehicle the selected applicant will be required to drive weighs 20,000 lbs.