Giving to Camp

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Four Winds * Westward Ho exists today because of careful management, a strong commitment to tradition, and the generosity of our alumni, camp families and friends. We believe that securing the future of a camp that teaches “understanding, sportsmanship and tolerance” (from the writings of Ruth A. Brown, 1932) is the greatest gift we can give to future generations of children.

Four Winds * Westward Ho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, we rely on the generosity of donors to support many of our programs. In fact, many of the programs that our community values most simply would not be possible without the generous gifts we have received over the years. Here are some examples of the things we’ve accomplished with the help of donors include:

Financial Aid Program

We are very proud of our Financial Aid Program. Every year, 20% of the campers attending Four Winds receive full or partial Financial Aid. Our commitment to those families receiving Financial Aid is for three years. Financial Aid is a benefit not only to individual families, but benefits the community as whole by creating a richer, more diverse camp experience for everyone. This essential Financial Aid Program is primarily supported by both current use gifts and endowment gifts, but there are many ways to help.

Keeping Tuition Costs Down

Our Board of Trustees has made it goal to keep Camp within the reach of as many families as possible. We do this through our Financial Aid program, but also by keeping tuition costs as low as possible. The cost of tuition does not cover the full cost of the program. We make up the difference through donations.

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Preservation of the Camp Property

The Camp property in Deer Harbor is a magical place. We consider it a high complement when an alum from Ruth Brown’s days visits Camp and tells us that it looks just the same as it did back then. This is our goal, but it is no easy feat to maintain and preserve a summer camp for children that has been operating since 1927.

In our Campaign for the Future, which ran from 2005 to 2009, we raised funds for capital projects including renovations of the Print Shop and Health House, a total rebuild of the Craft Courts, and upgrades to Camp’s water system. All of these projects were sorely needed, but they were done carefully. We are proud of the feedback we have received that while the upgrades serve Camp’s needs, they fit Camp’s aesthetics as well.

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Big Boat Program

Big Boat sailing has been part of the Four Winds tradition since Camp’s founding. In 1995 Camp commissioned the Scarano Brothers of Albany, New York to build Carlyn, a 61’ yawl built with the Four Winds mission in mind. Today, we use Carlyn as big boats have been used at Camp over the decades – for children to have adventures in Puget Sound and the Georgia Strait. Carlyn was purchased and is maintained through donations to Camp.