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Folk Dance Songs

music Amos Moses [camp photo]
music The Hustle
music The Limbo
music Pata Pata
music Saturday Night

Songs by Campers & Staff

Summer 2013
music A Place Where I Belong (original) - Tom and Katie
music Blood Bank - Tom, Eloise, Kara
music Boats and Birds - Hattie and Emily
music Brighter Day (original) - Rhiannon
music By Your Side (original) - Tom and Katie
music Clarity - Liliana
music Darryl's Song (original) - Andrew, Maia, JZ
music Dink's Song - Zach and Katie
music Ellis Island (original) - Adia
music Evening Fire - Sing Out First Session
music Flare - Liliana
music Forever Changed (original) - Sing Out First Session
music Girl on Fire - Olivia
music If You Wonder (original) - Morgan and McKenzie
music Lego House - Cody and Katie
music Lost at Sea (original) - Morgan
music Love at the End of the Earth (original) - Zach.
music Lullaby - Angela
music Madrona (original) - Sing Out First Session
music Magic's in the Mystery (original) - Falyn
music Mystery Babe (original) - Kit
music Putting up a Fight (original) - Angela
music Running Home (original) - Katie Stump
music Safe and Sound - Liliana
music Simple Things (original) - Maddie and Sabrina
music Skinny Love - Maddie and Tess
music Sugar Canes (original) - Angela
music The Best Revenge (original) - Kit
music This - Maddy and Sydney
music Turning Tables - Liliana
music Use Somebody - Sing Out First Session
music Westward Home (original) - Morgan
music Where the Wind Settles (original) - Tom
Summer 2012
music Flowers in the Lodge - Erin Slichter
music Abby's Song - Fiddlers Green
music My Own Love - India Thieriot
music Live in the Moment - India Thieriot
music Rain - Jordyn Christo
music Reality's World - Jordyn Christo
music Reality's World Intro - Jordyn Christo
music Barefoot Heart - Katie Stump
music Chasing Summer - Katie Stump
music Don't Even Say Goodbye - Katie Stump
music The End Of Me - Katie Stump
music Gypsy Star - Katie Stump
music Lost and Found - Katie Stump
music Madrona - Katie Stump
music Summer's End - Katie Stump
music Flowers - Kira Myles-Era and Katie Stump
music Drumming Song - Maia Shwarts
music No Clue - Maia Shwarts
music Once More - Maia Shwarts
music Sometimes - Maia Shwarts
music Thankful - Maia Shwarts
music Go to Sleep Little Baby - Shelby, Ali
music Safe and Sound - Sing Out Class 1st Session
music Second Home - Sing Out Class 1st Session
music Abby's Song - Chris B, Katie F
music Wild and Free - Emily G, Katie F, Chris B
music If I Die Young - Erica Thompson
music Gliding - Grant McLean
music Pets - Grant McLean
music Overwhelmed - Gwen Mulligan
music People Change - Gwen Mulligan
music What Are You Waiting For - Gwen Mulligan
music Cedar - Jojo Marshall
music Home - Kara and Katie
music Let Me Down Easy - Kara and Katie
music Carlyn - Katie Stump
music The Chain - Katie Stump
music Here To Stay - Katie Stump
music Maypearl - Katie Stump
music Moving On - Katie Stump
music Run - Katie Stump
music Today - Katie Stump
music Wanted You To Know - Katie Stump
music Home - Katlyn
music EastsoundWestsound - Lynne "Clide" Holcombe
music Heros - Madeleine
music Vovo The Mini Volcano - Madison Pollock
music Emmylou - Rhi Ross
music Follow Me - Rhi Ross
music You and Me - Rhi Ross
music Give Me Sympathy - Ryan and Madelyn
music The Chain - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
music Big Pink Blanket - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
music Gypsy Star - Sing Out Class 2nd Session
Summer 2011
music Farewell - Alexa
music Smile In A Crowd - Annie Bronfman
music A Friend - Cameron
music I Feel It All - Elaine Hruby
music "Garden" - DJ Tron
music You Don't Matter - India Thierot
music It's Never Impossible To Try - India Thierot
music Broken Heart Syndrome - India Thierot
music Hang On - India Thierot and Annie Bronfman
music Love That Always Binds - Breanna Bonnes and Kate Hruby
music Bondtastic - Royal Session 1
music We Fix This - Ruby Weinstein
music Sea Fever - Sing Out Session 1
music The Babe of FWWH - Aaron Smith
music Untitled - Cal Swearengen
music Waiting - Chris Begler
music Remember It All - Chris Begler
music Up - Elaine Hruby and Chris Borchardt
music Haida (on the grass) - Singout Session 2
music Haida (on the gravel) - Singout Session 2
music Untitled - Gwynn Lanning
music Hey Le - Gwynn Lanning
music Six Note Sunshine (The Craft Courts Song) - Gwynn Lanning
music Halloween Town - Gwynn Lanning
music Four Winds - Gwynn Lanning
music Please Speak Well Of Me - Hattie Richards and Elaine Hruby
music The Mermaid Song - Hattie Richards and Elaine Hruby
music Endless Sea - Katie Fitzgerald and Elaine Hruby
music Let Me Go Home - Kelani Ross
music The Girl - Maddy Hansen and Elaine Hruby
music Faith - Rhiannon Ross
music It Could Change - Rhiannon Ross
music Life's Just Begun - Rhiannon Ross
music Forest - Singout Session 2
music Gypsy Day Mash-Up - Walk 3
music Creepy Doll - Zach Cameron
Summer 2010
music I Can Fly - Casey Schryer and India Thierot
music Alone - Page Spears
music By and By - Shelby Williams and Annie Wright
music Misperceptions of Life - Shelby Williams
music You and Me - Page Spears
music I Will Be There - Ruby Weinstein and Elaine Hruby
music Lost - Casey Schryer and India Thierot
music Abandoned - Casey Schryer
music Trippers - Jordyn and Friends
music Evasion - Andrew
music There Is No Better Place To Be - India Thierot
music My Friend - Ben Henderson w/ Marshall
music Roseville Fair - Morgan Hansen
music King Of Carrot Flowers - Marshall Bonnes and Chris Borchardt
music Yoshimi - Marshall Bonnes and Chris Borchardt
music For Emily - Marshall Bonnes
music Acquired Taste - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music Blowin' In The Wind - Elaine Hruby
music Four Strong Winds - Elaine Hruby, Aidan Willis, Jay Sandstrom
music Hallelujah - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music Nobody But The Baby - Elaine Hruby, Bryn Bliska, Kirsten Kammermeyer
music Seems To Me - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music With Gypsy Colors Gay - Aidan Willis
music Laws Of The Navy - Aidan Willis
music Sluggettes - Aidan Willis
music Down In The River To Pray - Molly Sprague, Kirsten, Will, Elaine, Cody
music I Love The Sea Breeze - Aidan Willis and Elaine Hruby
music I'll Be There Too - Songwriting Session 2 w/ Lily Wilson
music You - Zach Baum
music Don't Be Afraid - Cedar 2nd Session w/ Lily Wilson
music Annie's Song - Tyndall, Falyn, Ayja
music Gypsy Moon - Aidan Willis
music When It Begins - Guitar 2 TTS Second Session
music Set Out - Lily Wilson
music Something New - Jay Sandstrom
music Falling Slowly - Molly Sprague and Will Waste
music Carlyn - Elaine Hruby
music Gypsy Love - Aidan Willis
music Riding Free - Emma Walsh
music Barnacle - Elaine Hruby
music My Beloved Treasure - Rhi, Joan, Katie
music Riddle Song - Alice Sherman (Lewis) and Lily Wilson
music Try Harder - Zach Baum
music Sea Bear Song - Aevin Stearns and Peter Daamgaard
music Better As Friends - Richard Beauchamin
music Indiana Jones Theme Song - Gypsy Day Walk 3 2nd Session
music I See Your Face - Rachel Byron-Law and Katie Fitzgerald
music Dream - Rachel Byron-Law and Katie Fitzgerald
music Home - Molly Sprague, Molly Sullivan, Hattie Richards, Bryn Bliska, Elaine
music Little Lion Man - Ali Walker and Elaine Hruby
music Xcelerator - Songwriting Session 2
music Darn It - Jay Sandstrom and Aidan Willis
Summer 2009
music A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door (Bill Ricchini) - Alex Neureu
music Lime Tree (by Trevor Hall) - Singout 1st Sess
music A Minor Incident (Badly Drawn Boy) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Mellow Mood (by Bob Marley) - Juniper 2nd Sess
music Baby Blue Sedan - Marshall Bon
music More Gypsy - Baum, Begler, Wil
music Caledonias Sail Away - Caledonia Trip 2nd Sess
music Northern Downpour (by Panic at the Disco) - Singout 1st Sess
music Clueless - Katie St
music Opportunity (Pete Murray) - Alex Neureu
music Compilation - Zach B
music Purple Haze (by Jimi Hendrix) - Gibson Buttfi
music Deer Harbor Road - Aaron Sm
music Resurrection Fern (by Iron and Wine) - Oona Mur
music Easy Silence (Dixie Chicks) Singout 1st Sess
music Sleep Through The Static (by Jack Johnson) - Kayvon Cof
music Goodbye Song - Aaron Sm
music Sleepwalkin (Modest Mouse) - Marshall Bonnes and Emily Kel
music Gypsy Moon - Aidan Wil
music Stay Just a Little (by Keena Grannis) - Kara Erickson and Alex Neureu
music Half Acre (Hem) - Alex Neureu
music Tears in Heaven (by Eric Clapton) - Cole Jacob
music Hello Goodbye (The Beatles) - Singout 2nd Sess
music The Dock Song - Aidan Wil
music The Epic Adventures of Ruth Brown - Topsail 2nd Sess
music Hold My Hand - Katie St
music The World Is Grand - Chet Kittle
music Homeward Bound (Marta Keen) - Alex Neureu
music Time Goes (Andrew Roberts) - Alex Neureu
music Justified (Chris Seefried) - Alex Neureu
music Wake Up (Arcade Fire) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Just Us - Keely Killebrew and Katie St
music Whoever Has Known The Mountains - Singout 1st Sess
music Knockin On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan) - Cole Jacobsen, Joe LaHorgue, Eloise LaHorgue, Molly Spra
music Why Georgia Why (John Mayer) - Flying Cloud 2nd Sess
music The Lake Isle of Innisfree (William Butler Yeats) - Singout 2nd Sess
music Wildfire Flies - Chet Kittle
music Leaving Friends - Jay Sandst
music Witness Blues (AA Bondy) - Alex Neureu
Summer 2008
music Abacus - Alex Neureuter
music Back Together - Alex Neureuter & Friends
music Chicago - Sing Out 2nd Session 2008
music Come This Time - Alex Neureuter
music Darlin' - Sing Out 1st Session 2008
music Darling, Be Home Soon - Alex Neureuter
music Falling Slowly - Sing Out 1st Session
music Freight Train - Alex Neureuter
music How Deep is That River - Alex Neureuter
music Ithaca - Lightning 1 Senior Trip 1st Session 2008
music Never Look Back - Sing Out 2nd Session 2008
music Not Letting Go - Katie Stump (Wandervogel 2nd Session 2008)
music Realize - Ryan Mc Manemin (Flying Cloud 1st Session 2008)
music Riding Song/Oh We Picked - Sing out 2nd Session 2008
music Sad Sack - Zach Baum (Royal 2nd Session 2008)
music Sand - Abby Sessions (Carlyn 2nd Session 2008)
music Sea Feaver - Alex Neureuter
music Softer - Abby Sessions (Carlyn 2nd Session 2008)
music Sunshine - Alex Neureuter & Joe Babcock
music Wash Away/I Love the Rain the Most - Alex Neureuter
music Why - Chet Kittleson
music Calling to Me - Alex Neureuter
music Matha - Alex Neureuter & Friends
music Today - Alex Neureuter & Friends
Summer 2007
music Anything Always - Abby Sessions
music Astair - Alex Neureuter & Elaine Hruby
music Dreams - Aidan Willis
music Feel So Near - Alex Neureuter
music Fields of Athenry - Aidan Willis
music Gypsy Back - Zach Cameron and Darryl Brown
music Gypsy Unit - Topsail 2nd Session 2006
music Hallelujah - Aidan Willis
music Health House - Romany Winds 2nd Session
music Home - Alex Neureuter
music I Gotta Have You - Alex Neureuter
music I Will - Teddy and Friends
music Karma Police - Cass, Oona, & Cavan
music The Lost Cause - Abby Sessions
music Meant to Last - Abby Sessions
music No Name #1 - Marshall Bonnes
music Set Free - Kara Erickson and Whitney Anderson
music Smile - Ciaran Willis & Stuart Suger
music Sunshine - Elaine Hruby
music Sweet Rose - Alex Neureuter
music Tell Me True - Abby Sessions  
music Traveling Soldier - Sing Out 1st Session
music Where You Are - Abby Sessions
music Who Can Sail? - Cass, Oona, & Cavan
music World Spins Madly On - Alex Neureuter
Summer 2006
music Across the Great Divide - Sing Out Class
music At the Bottom of Everything - Marshall
music Breakdown - Kara & Ryan
music Drop - Cody & Kara
music Landslide - Ryan M.
music Swing Life Away - Hillary & Ryan
music Amore - Tog Gallant
music May There Always Be Sunshine - Hillside
music Veronica - Emily Glass & Andrew
music Jonah's Song - Jonah, Marshall, Hunter
music Fields of Ahenrah - Kim G. & Marnie
music Do You Remember - Jess Kindred
music Beautiful World - Emily G. & Andrew
music Hey Beautiful Day - Andrew Roberts
music This Old Guitar - Andrew Roberts
music Over the Water - Andrew Roberts
music Brown Eyed Girl - Rock Out Class
music Staff Song, First Session - Alex, Andrew, Emily
music Seems to Me - Alex, Andrew
music Such Great Heights - Alex N.
music I Remember - Alex N.
music Jonah's Song - Jonah, Marshall, Hunter
music Bigfoot - Andrew Roberts
music Sunshine - Andrew Roberts
music Do You Remember - Jess Kindred
music 7 Golden Daffodils - Andrew Roberts
music Morning - Andrew Roberts
music Beautiful World - Andrew, Emily
music The Garden - Andrew Roberts
music Forest - Andrew Roberts
music Bridge over Troubled Water - Elaine Hruby
music The Fields of Athenrai - Kim Gibson, Marnie K.
music This Old Guitar - Andrew Roberts, Emily G.
music Hey Beautiful Day - Andrew Roberts
music Over the Water - Andrew Roberts
Summers 2003-2005
music All I Want is You - Lizzy & Lucinda
music Have You Ever Loved - Cody & George
music Wild Horses - Emily Woodward
music Gypsy Love - Flying Cloud Girls
music Free Falling - Hillside Cabin
music You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Singout Class
music Perfect - Helen Hansen
music I'll Be There Soon - Lucinda
music Mellow Mood - Lizzy & Lucinda
music On and On - Lizzy & Lucinda
music Comes a Time - Singout Class
music Gone - Lauren Fleigelman
music Yesterday - Hilary Ison
music Changes - Lauren F. & Hilary Ison
music I Will - Lucinda
music Sir Dale - Emily & Geoffrey
music Wonderful Tonight - Lizzy & Lucinda